Matthew Macfadyen spam ♔ part 1/?

Robin Hood with Ridley Scott? Macfadyen said yes, despite originally having only four scenes. “I thought, ‘Well, it’s Ridley Scott. It’ll take a few days, and it’ll be fun.’ But in a film like that, there’s no real script; it just disintegrates after a while, new pages just keep coming, there are teams of writers going, ‘What if Robin… ?’ Anyway, at first I was killed, stabbed by Cate Blanchett. Then new pages came, pink pages, and I wasn’t stabbed by her any more – I was killed by Mark Strong. Then new pages, and it was ‘unnamed thug with crossbow’.”

At this point, Macfadyen had yet to do any acting. When he was finally summoned on set, he found himself glued into “this ridiculous beard and wig. I looked like a demented Jesus. I thought, ‘I haven’t got much to do. I’ll just make it quite big.’ And Ridley liked it, so he kept me alive.” He makes a modest sort of face, pleased at having earned this stay of execution.


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